Welcome and First Roadmap

Hello, and welcome to Grand, Unified, Empty! [editorial note: the blog was renamed in 2020; I retconned this post to use the new name]. After taking a few philosophy courses, I started developing a grand unified theory of everything, like any serious person would do. It got kinda complicated. If you’re not into philosophy don’t worry; it’s a theory of *everything*, so you’ll find some biology, history, anthropology, linguistics and all sorts of other random stuff in here too.

The first few posts (or few-dozen posts, I have no idea how long it will take) are going to be philosophy-related  though. You gotta start somewhere. Everything is subject to change, of course, but my roadmap for the first few posts currently looks something like this:

[edited after the fact to match what I actually wrote]

This should lay a decent philosophical foundation to build everything else on top of. Allons-y!

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