Building Reality, Part Two: The Mind

Five axioms down, three to go. I’ve titled these three “The Mind” because they’re more to do with that kind of concept, but I don’t mean to imply that the mind is necessarily distinct from metaphysics (which was the title I gave the previous three axioms). As I mentioned in the discussion of axiom #4, that’s not true by definition.

Axiom 6: My senses provide me with information that is functionally determined by the underlying reality.

Reliability of the senses is a big question in empiricism, philosophy of science, etc. This axiom doesn’t go quite that far; all it gives us is the fact that our senses are somehow determined by the underlying reality. Maybe we only have access to a subset of reality, or maybe there’s some random transform in place between reality and what we sense. Regardless, we have some sort of access, however mediated or probabilistic.

Axiom 7: My memory is usually a reliable and valid guide to my past experiences.

Reliability of memory is another big question in a lot of disciplines, and there are obviously cases where it doesn’t hold. Amnesia and memory implantation both seem to be real phenomena after all. As with reliability of the senses, I’ve chosen to split the difference. We assume our memory is usually reliable, for some definition of “usually”.

Axiom 8: Logic is a valid form of reasoning.

This one is kind of cheating since I’m explicitly leaving the definition of “logic” so vague. I am intending it here to include forms such as propositional and predicate logic, and all the other weird mental constructs without which it’s hard to make sense of things like mathematics. Perhaps this would be better phrased as something more to do with thought processes in general than pure logic. Hmm…

Regardless, we now have our eight core axioms from which we can start to build up an understanding of the world. I expect to revisit these occasionally as I think up better wordings, or discover missing concepts, but as per axiom #2 I hope not to add to them unless absolutely necessary. Let’s at least see how far we get with just these eight!

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