Link #81 – The Story of Us

Warning: very, very, very long. As of writing it’s not even done yet (10 of a putative 12 posts have been published). That said, it’s a fascinating read so far and highly recommended. If you’re a long-time reader of a certain part of the internet (this blog, Slate Star Codex, 538, etc) then it retreads a lot of familiar ground at first. However chapter 10 (and from the sounds of it the as-yet-unpublished chapter 11) contains more interesting and new thoughts. I’m not sure if it’s possible to just start there, since it builds on a lot of metaphors introduced in earlier chapters, but it would be interesting to try.

One point really stood out to me since I’ve been assuming the opposite. Previously I would have drawn on Haidt and argued that the competing factions of the current American culture war have fundamentally different values, but the linked articles make an interesting claim that they actually share a pretty mixed bag of values – the real conflict is because they share fundamentally different empirical beliefs about reality thanks to increasing media polarization, The Big Sort, etc.

Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse everything that I link to. I link to things that are interesting and/or thought-provoking. Caveat lector.

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