‘Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas

This started out as a good idea but I feel like it maybe got away from me a bit, oh well. Merry Christmas everyone!

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas
And all through the tumbledown house
Not a creature or critter was stirring;
Except for one old little mouse.

No stockings were hung by the soot-darkened flue.
No children were nestled and sleeping.
When that old little mouse left her little old shoe,
And out 'cross the floor went a-creeping.

The shell of a plum in her vision appeared
And danced when it rolled off the counter.
It fell in the cinders and smoke that was smeared
On the floor and the walls all around her.

The moon pierced the clouds and shone in through the panes
Of a window whose sash hung in tatters.
The mouse scurried on as she spotted some grains
Left behind in the ash and the splatters.

St. Nick had been here many long years ago
Bringing presents and comfort and joy,
And a young little mouse who arrived in his tow
Hiding out in the box of a toy.

Little feet marked the passage of time in the dust
Making patterns which could only be read from the sky.
The house slowly fell into mildew and must
As life on the outside went by.

At the end no-one came because no-one was there.
The world in eternal December.
'Twas two nights before Christmas, that a glow filled the air,
And only old mouse would remember.

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