Other Opinions

In addition to my own work I sometimes post links to various other essays and parts of the internet, on a wide variety of topics. As you might infer from the title “Other Opinions”, I won’t necessarily agree with or endorse everything that I link to. I link to things that are interesting and/or thought-provoking. Caveat lector.

A collection of these specific links can be found by clicking here, or on the “Other Opinions” category in the sidebar. In theory they’re all numbered, though in practice I sometimes forget or skip a number.

Guest Posts

I also host the occasional guest post, but only from people I know offline. As you might expect, their opinions are not my opinions, etc. etc. I maintain editorial control (for now) but I’m fairly liberal with points I may not agree with as long as they’re respectful and well-argued.


For more general purposes, here are some sites that I read occasionally, in no particular order. They’re a common but by no means exhaustive source of my Other Opinion links. The same caveat applies here: I don’t necessarily agree with them all the time.

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